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I’m on a mission to find great products to make living with type one diabetes a little easier. Here is Living (Dia)Better’s Bests aka a growing list of my favorite things full of healthy products, medical devices, diabetic supplies, and more! If you have a product you want me to try out, please email me at


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I have been wearing my MediPeds® socks this whole summer and I am LOVING them! They seriously feel like I’m walking on clouds. MediPeds® socks focus on improving leg fatigue, swelling, blisters, and dry skin, which are symptoms caused by diabetes. The socks have COOLMAX® fibers that keep your feet dry and allow breathability during your active lifestyles. I wanted to test this feature out so I went to the gym, I wore MediPeds® on one foot and a generic sock brand on the other. After 60 minutes of HIIT cardio and upper body, I checked my socks and the generic sock brand was damp and the MediPeds® sock was dry! Y’all being the sweaty person I am, I have never experienced dry feet after working out. It was a miracle!

Another cool feature is their non-binding top which is designed to improve blood circulation in the feet and legs. You know how after a long day, your feet feel tired and sore? Well, I put the low cut MediPeds® socks on and I immediately felt a soothing sensation. These socks feel like cotton balls on your feet.

The cushioned sole is another one of my favorite features because it helps keep my feet warm. I’m anemic and my feet and hands stay cold. I can wear the socks to bed and the extra padding warms them up without them feeling sweaty or clammy.

Gliding into the weekend like…

I tried out the following perfect pairs:

  1. White NanoGlide Liner
  2. White COOLMAX Wide Crew
  3. White XS Low Cut
  4. Black XS Low Cut

Read my extended thoughts on each pair here!

I would recommend people with diabetes and other medical conditions to add MediPeds® to their sock drawers. It’s like these socks can predict how your feet will feel and prevent it from happening.

Take the steps to a healthier lifestyle with MediPeds®.

Take care of your diabetes. Keep your BG’s under control. Your soles will thank me later!

Find your perfect pair here:

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SizeSlim Supplements

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Being an athlete and living an active lifestyle, it was natural and a  no-brainer to take supplements and products to enhance my workouts and recovery. I was introduced to Whey Proteins, pre-workouts, BCAA’s, and post-recovery products a few years ago when I became serious about fitness. Even in college, our sports trainers encouraged us to drink protein shakes after our intense workouts.

After being diagnosed with type one diabetes, my fitness journey kicked into high gear because I knew just how important it was for me as a T1D to workout; but my sports nutrition intake remained the same. Did you know? Protein shakes can make your blood glucose go up. This is because the liver has the ability to convert the amino acids that are found in protein into sugar. This process is called gluconeogenesis. An excess amount of protein may be turned into sugar in the body and lead to autoimmune diseases. I knew I had to make a change!

SizeSlim is a supplement company whose objective is to help diabetics live better lives. I admire Matt Collins and his business partner’s vision of creating all natural supplements for us diabetics. Matt was diagnosed with type one diabetes in 1997 and lives a very active lifestyle. He played baseball at the University of Michigan and is now working in the Robotic Surgery Med Device industry. Matt and his wife Barbara currently reside in Miami and are expecting baby #1 in July!

Workout Routine:

Pre-Workout (pineapple and orange punch flavor): I take my SizeSlim Pre-Workout 15-20 minutes before heading to the gym. I have not experienced any lows, jitters, or crashes while exercising which is a new feeling for me. Before, when I took pre-workout I would feel jittery to the point where I thought I was going low because I was shaking. Now, I am focused on the duration of my workout and the pump is REAL. Buy yours today!

Recovery (cucumber lime): SizeSlim Recovery is a supplement used to help add strength and muscle, and reduce soreness after working out. It is critical to start taking your Recovery before starting your last few reps or 20 minutes before wrapping up your workout so that your muscles can start recovering properly. Recovery consists of Vitamin C, which aids in the growth and repair of new muscles and allows you to grow clean strength and muscle. I substituted the BCAA’s I’ve been taking for years for my SizeSlim Recovery, and I’ve never looked back. Buy yours today!

Weight Loss Support: I take SizeSlim Weight Loss Support with my daily vitamins, once at breakfast and once at dinner. It controls my appetite, increases my metabolism, and gives me the energy to conquer the day. It is an all-natural fat burner that I have enjoyed taking to help on my journey towards #sweatingforthewedding. Buy yours today!

Sports nutrition, fitness, and living a healthy life is something that I am passionate about. Meeting Matt and being introduced to the SizeSlim products has been life-changing. I’m forever grateful and will continue to support SizeSlim because the products are for me! I can continue living my active lifestyle without worrying about putting products into my body that will affect my blood glucose levels before, during, and after exercising.

SizeSlim is pledging 1% of sales to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to help find a cure for type one diabetes!!!!!!!!