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Preventing lows at the gym


Tip #1 Eat a snack  Before you get your sweat on at the gym, check your BG levels. If you are in normal range 80-150 eat a snack that is 15g of carb or less, preferably with some protein in it. You have a few options when preparing to work out.

  1. Decrease temp basal to 20-30% for the duration of your workout
  2. Eat your snack without giving insulin
  3. If BG is high, exercise first… it should naturally lower

If you are low, treat immediately before going to the gym. Remember to bring your juice box and glucose tablets just in case!

Medical alerts

Wear a medical ID bracelet or necklace It is very important that you wear something that says you have diabetes in case of an emergency. Whether that’s a bracelet, necklace, tattoo, or an identification card in your gym bag. I don’t think it’s necessary to inform your Zumba instructor that you’re diabetic. In case your sugar drops during an intense workout, someone will know either what to do or who to call for further instructions. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Sports Nutrition for diabetics